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    Hint: When building your min max tree, keep in mind that Tic Tac Toe has a lot of symmetric moves. You just need to rotate the board.

    For example a first move with X in top left corner is the same as top right corner, bottom right corner and bottom left. Just rotated. That way you can make your algorithm much more efficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanalearn View Post
    Yeah, I kinda thought I'd strike out. I had to ask because I've always been interested in AI. 3dbuzz seemed most probable place to tackle it than anywhere else that I'm aware of. I realized that I can learn a lot from just watching someone solve a problem.

    How about something like a 9x9 Go game? (the real one uses 19x19 board). I don't want to give up so easily...

    Anyway, please keep up with your great software engineering series. It made me realize that I should learn all the basic algorithms first.

    Well, there are actually tutorials on AI Programming in C#/XNA, but not in C++ yet, that I know of. Even if there are AI lessons in C++, it was probably done by Joel Van Eenwyk from years' past. I'm not certain, tho, I'll have to check through the list of the original C++ VTMs to find out.
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    there was an ai vtm series for xna implementing an a*-search.

    unfortunately, a* is almost completely useless for game playing (and imho really not that useful in general ).

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