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    Cool Welcome to the Delphi Programming Classroom!

    Welcome to the new Delphi Programming Classroom! As many of you know, we’ve been working away at a site redesign over the last few weeks. One of the purposes of this design is to put a tighter focus on the educational end of the 3D Buzz community. This classroom is a forerunner of that design. There are still some elements of this classroom that we’ve not yet implemented, but will be here in the not-so-distant future. We’re looking into setting up similar classrooms for many other topics as well. Enjoy!


    You'll be able to find all of the high-rez versions of each lesson within this classroom.

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    WOW BUZZ!!

    you guys are going all out..

    I buryed my nose into my training, peeking at the site, and this big banner pops up!!

    Temptation and peer presure to distract me, what was I doing again, umm umm Delphi! wait no.. that was'nt it, oh well, Delphi then!!

    edit: Decided to redo my schedual, got work all of this out, don't think I can wait now, got do it now!


    You make us love you, You make us want to learn, You make us learn everything, no matter what we wanted to learn...

    THis is busby's world, it has taken over my mind!!

    Way to go, this is so awsome and I am glad I am part of it!!!!
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    I'm not working on the Delphi VTMs (I'm a C Sharp boy and did Pascal for 3 years before that), just bumped into this section and thought I'd say the layout works well and I like the idea of keeping the instructor blog entries separate.

    Interested is seeing how it progresses but so far so good...

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    that is very nice off you buzz,
    to gif as a Classroom.

    it help a lot!

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    Looks nice, I'm looking forward to the new design of the site.

    It's a great idea to integrate the classrooms like this, and as stated above, it's good that the instructor blog is seperated.

    Off topic:
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    Pascal was the very first programming language i was introduced to in college, and seeing the videos. I will now for sure take part in these classes because i really need to learn programming language.

    edit:// just seen there are no assingments.... i thought that may be just a BIT too much lol. thousands of people sending assingments and searching though thousands of lines of code lol.

    I really like the way you have integrated learning directly into the forums.
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    this is actually a REALLY cool idea if we got a classroom like this for the different products that you offer then i think itd really put the focus back on education
    - Simon

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    what a great idea thanks again) Buzz & Co.! Can't wait to have some work to show off

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    I love it!

    I took a bunch of programming classes in college many years ago and most, if not all of the assignments were pretty lame. Already, within a couple of weeks I are learning to do things that appeal to me. Practical apps not only teach the fundamentals but they help push me to learn more. I am more of an artist by trade, but these classes have re-kindled my excitement about programming. I can only hope that the interest in these VTMs stays high. Keep it up guys, these vids are truely appreciated.


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    Wow, really nice new set-up.

    And yep, can't really miss the classroom from the front page.

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