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    How to convert psd to email template?

    I have an online website.As I know, we have to convert psd to email template so that we can attract visitors. How to convert psd to email template?

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    I think this is how you do it.

    1. Open the file in Photoshop.
    2. From the "File" drop down menu select "Save for web".
    3. The image will now open in Image Ready.
    4. Select "save" at the top right of your screen.
    5. Choose to save as "images and HTML".
    6. Give the template a name.
    7. Select location to save to and save file.
    8. You should now have an html file and a folder containing the images used.
    9. Open up your site developer program and open this html file.
    10. Save it as a template

    You should now be able to apply this template to any pages you create.

    Hope this helps...

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    These days there are many companies who provide PSD to Email template conversion service online..I know some websites, but I suggest you only trustable name in the field of PSD to Email conversion..I hope you like it..
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    HTML newsletter coding can be done either coding it from scratch, or using an already existing template. Custom PSD to email template conversion is good possibility to have responsive emails. They are user-friendly as compared to simple text emails.

    There are many companies providing pixel-perfect email template conversion services. Choose only the most reputed PSD to HTML email conversion service provider.
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    There are actually quite a few methods in doing this , once it is send as an email though the method is irrelevant , i usually decide how to go about it depending on the first email client that it is being sent from. There are numerous youtube tutorials on how to do it. But the gist of it is this.

    Use Photoshop slice tool to slice up your psd into sections .
    You would then save it as images and html.
    You then need to open the html in a text editor
    you need a online image host like imgur to put all your slices in.
    In the your html will be split in rows and tables ect ect, the image src will be there .

    The problem now is when you send that html as a email the email client will not be able o pull the images of your c drive where the img source is set.

    This is why you need to set the source to something online like imgur , and link images accordingly.

    Lastly type something in your email //// for example , then open developer tools and find where //// is.

    Delete it and replace it with the html from your text editor. ( The code within the body tags )

    This will change the email and send it to yourself and boom you have a emailer.

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