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    Python IDE for Android phone (Samsung Galaxy s5)

    I'm going to be travelling over to my parents house tomorrow and towards the end of November down to my uncles. I've got a laptop which I can use for a lot of the journey, but when I'm sat on a bus it's not very practical, I figured getting some sort of development environment on my phone as its handheld would good to do a small amount of prototyping and running through the basics. I've got a textbook I can read through and then do a little work from using my phone. I've had a quick look on the play store but the 'QPython' had a few mixed comments on and I've taken a look at 'Kivy' which had slightly better reviews.

    Does anyone do a little bit of development on their phones or tablets?
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    Check this out

    its a bit dated, but you should be able to work off your phone if its powerful enough to do python stuff. I mostly work in vm's myself, but in theory I could likely move the vm over to my phone or tablet using some virtualization software.
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