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    Off Topic - PC Backups

    I've spent a week evaluating PC Continuous Backup software and thought someone might be interested in what I've found. It's true it has absolutely nothing to do with 3dBuzz; however this site has become somewhat sombre of late (for good reasons I hasten to add).

    Ok. For a while I had a NAS made by Western Digital and I really loved the SmartWare continuous back software. It kept my pc backed up and did it totally in the background. Love it.
    But then, one day my NAS died to the extent that I was barely able to just get my media files off it before i/o speeds dropped to 0.
    So I started looking for a new backup system for my PC.

    First google solutions found

    So I went ahead and tried them.
    StorageCraft - Not cheap but looked and acted quite professional even though it looked like it came from the XP days. It didn't really have continuous backup but it worked reliably. To consolidate all the freaking files it produced meant I needed to have a process running on the backup destination to manage the files. Yes a real file server solution. I didn't mind that, but the problem was that every time the process activated on my pc it would kinda freeze the pc for a few seconds. I was playing a game and for a few seconds it froze. I could have moved it to another time of day but then it became even less continuous.

    Acronis - Good price although not free and it almost worked. I had it running a few times and it did the job - mostly. I tried both file backup and disk backup. File backup was very slow so I spent most of my time on disk/partition backups. The biggest issue I had with it was it would error out backing up my 4TB drive overnight. Not any error mind you, it said my hard disk had failed. We are talking about 12 hours to backup my pc. I tried Acronis a couple of times and I couldn't quite figure out why a lot of people like it. Maybe I am a geek but it just didn't tell me enough and it had a major bug where it wouldn't run a scheduled differential backup because of an incompatibility with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Task Scheduler. (There is a workaround by the way)

    GenieTimeline - Fair price once again, but it simply failed to backup my PC. I have a 70GB VM and it just crashed 9 times out of 10 with very large files. I did like it otherwise and I suspect if I had smaller file sizes I would have liked it.

    Macrium Reflect Free and Home editions - Actually I like this one a lot. I might even keep using it to do drive C whole disk backups. The free edition will do Differential backups so my plan was to do a main backup once per week and to do differential backups each day. Of course it wasn't continuous backup so it wasn't what I wanted. In fact I've left this one on my laptop to backup to my file server each day.

    Then I started looking for sync solutions that didn't involve synchronizing directories between 2 pcs or the cloud. I simply don't have enough bandwidth to do cloud backups. I have 1TB on dropbox but simply can't use it effectively with the sorts of upload speeds available to me.

    Then I came across GoodSync. The trial version works for a month then will only sync up to 100 files. Darn, but still, it's not expensive to buy the pro version. This software is more what I wanted - to continuously backup folders on my computer to a server. It has 2 main modes - 2 way backup (sync) or simply backup. I chose backup mode. This isn't a disaster recovery system but it's a very flexible way to design a file by file backup system that has as many options and monitoring capabilities to satisfy my inner geek. The good news is that it didn't error out backing up my 4TB disk overnight. So now I have my D and E drives backing up within 60 seconds of any changes (configurable) and my home folder in C:\users backing up every 4 hours. Why not continuously? Because if I start a VM it will alter the 70GB file immediately and the vm will be backing up literally non-stop. I like my pcs to rest occasionally.

    So there we are. I hope someone found this moderately interesting.
    I am not fully endorsing GoodSync and Macrium: they are simply the best I found so far.
    See you all later.

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    Maybe this will help?

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    Thanks joepug.
    I see that freefilesync runs as a batch job from Task Scheduler. I haven't tried it yet, but does that mean it doesn't run continuously?
    Looks like there are a ton of free sync products out there. Shows what happens when you use different key words in a google search

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