As part of a java training course, I wrote a version of Farkle as my final project and now I'd like to import it out of an IDE so I can pass it around to my friends and peers.

The program is console based and runs fine in Netbeans, Eclipse, and 2 online sandboxes. In Ecliplse it runs and exports into .JAR with warnings (all that never gets closed), but from what I understand, it still should export.

When I export in either Netbeans or Eclipse, it makes the JAR file. When I launch the JAR, there is a few second delay ending with the following error:

The Java JAR file "Farkle.jar" cound not be launched. Check the Console for possible error messages. (I can't make heads or tails from anything in the Console).

Like I said, the program is Console based, so I don't know if that's the issue. And the only thing I import is java.util.* so I can't imagine libraries being an issue.

Since the program runs in these IDE's, I'm suspecting that maybe I'm missing something obvious in the export process?

My launch config makes sense: Farkle - Farkle (the project is Farkle and the class with main is also called And I've tried the top 2 library handling options (Extract required libraries and Package required libraries).

Tried to upload my code to this forum, but got:
Error The server returned an error during upload

Will keep trying.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, core